Leader Education Achievement Program

What is 9leap?

9leap is an original game contest for JavaScript-based smartphone games cosponsored by Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. and D2 Communications. It is designed to inspire young programmers and spread a culture of programming. The first round of the contest was divided into two halves, from May 1 to August 31 and September 1 to December 31, with various prizes given throughout both. Grand prize winners received the latest MacBook Pro or MacBook Air models and a tour of Silicon Valley, including tickets to the Game Developers Conference.


What is 9leap?

9leap is both a website where contest participants can upload and share their work, and a forum where game makers can receive and offer feedback on their creations. Even developers older than 25 (the age limit of the 9leap contest) can take part. Participant qualifications will be confirmed when uploading a game. Contest winners will be asked to submit a student registration card or similar identification.


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