Movie Director Shinji Higuchi joins UEI as CVO ~To take part in developing next generation enchant.js~

Press Release

August 20, 2012
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc
Ryo Shimizu, CEO

Movie Director Shinji Higuchi joins UEI as CVO
To take part in developing next generation enchant.js

Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (UEI, Location: Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku, President and CEO: Ryo
Shimizu) is pleased to announce that movie director Shinji Higuchi has been invited to UEI as
CVO (Chief Visionary Officer).

Shinji Higuchi is known for his mastery in image production, and is well experienced in
designing graphics for movies and animations known as visual CG. He will be joining Akihabara
Research Center (ARC), UEI’s research division in charge of developing user interface (UI) for
smartphones and enchant.js.

Cause for inviting an active figure outside of this industry lies in the background of increasing
market competition in development of smartphone UI and game engines. The key to victory in
this competition can be found in how one expresses its individuality in the developed products.
Currently, smartphone UI are being standardized, and it is difficult to deviate from the standard
design. The bottom-up design is approaching the limits, and the problem results from the lack of

Therefore, instead of following the traditional bottom-up design, with Shinji Higuchi UEI
decided to develop a new ‘visual’ which would attract the consumers’ eyes. In order to do this,
the new position of CVO has been established and Higuchi will be active in making decision
regarding corporate identity and finalization of product designs.

■Shinji Higuchi – Biography
Born in Tokyo 1965, Shinji Higuchi entered the world of movie production in 1984 by
participating in the production of “Godzilla.” In 1995, Higuchi took the role of special effects
director of the “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe,” and won the Japan Academy Special Prize.
In 2005, Higuchi directed live action Lorelei, and in 2006, “Japan Sinks,” in 2007, “Evangelion:
1.0 You Are (Not) Alone,” in 2008, “The Hidden Fortress,” in 2009, “Evangelion: 2.0 You Can
(Not) Advance.” In 2012, “Puppet’s Castle,” directed under Higuchi, is to be released. Higuchi
played an active role in directing live action, special effects, animation, and computer graphics.

■About enchant.js
Enchant.js is an open source HTML5 based game engine developed and released in April 17th,
2011 by UEI. Currently, it is released under MIT/GPL dual license as a game engine which
operates on cross platforms such as PC/Mac and Android/iPhone. Other than the program itself,
enchant.js also provides graphics and sound files which may be used in game development.
Enchant.js was developed for 9leap (, and is the most widely used HTML5 based
game engine in the world. (Researched by UEI, June 2012).

■About Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. is creating ideas, based on technology for mobile and PC devices,
not to mention iPhone and iPad and other smartdevices, for the new generation’s lifestyle.
Widely applying high level of technology adopted by IPA (Information-technology Promotion
Agency), a judicial branch of Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, UEI proposes many
lifestyle services. Some of the past developments include “iAvatar” in the dawning of i-mode,
and the smartphone based social game “Kessen! Sengoku vs. Sangokushi.” UEI has succeeded
in developing and operating cutting-edge mobile websites as well as in game development.
Having also developed Japan Mizuho Bank’s smartphone based AR application “ATM – branch
search,” the world’s first ever Android based editing software “Zeptopad FOLIO,” and HTML5
+ JavaScript environment based game engine “enchant.js,” UEI continues to develop products
from an individualistic, unique perspective.

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-Other products are all registered products of their respective corporations

■For more information
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