UEI Announces Beta Release of Programming Learning Service “”

Press Release

July 2, 2012
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.

UEI Announces Beta Release of Programming Learning Service “”

UEI (Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc., Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo; Ryo Shimizu, CEO) is pleased to announce the beta release of, browser-based programming learning system for HTML and JavaScript-based original games.

■Principal Features

1. An ILE (integrated learning environment) for UEI’s game engine enchant.js. Users do not need to fuss with excessive rules and can focus on simply learning to program.

2. Learning made easier through interactive tutorials. Tutorials are designed to progress along with the user, so even complete beginners can get started.

3. Sample code constantly being added. In addition to the basics like sprite operation and object orientation, 3D and physical simulation and other samples are constantly being added.

Simply access the URL above and Fork* the sample game codes provided to start making your very own game. In addition, give the code you’ve written in your browser a test run right in the very same screen. enchant.js is suitable even for complete beginners, making it an ideal tool for aspiring game programmers.

*Fork: Copying a partially completed piece of software by another programmer and completing it yourself.

Even schools or families with only one shared PC can take advantage of this system, as no special software is required. We hope to spread a love of programming as widely as possible.

System Requirements: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other up-to-date browsers. Supported by both Windows and Mac OS.

■About enchant.js
enchant.js is an open source HTML5 game engine released by UEI on April 17, 2011. It is distributed with a dual MIT/GPL license and is cross platform, functioning on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and more. In addition to the main program, free images and sounds are also provided to enhance game development. Developed for the 9leap contest (, as of March 2012 enchant.js is the world’s most-used HTML5 game engine. URL:

■About 9leap
9leap is an original game development contest cosponsored by UEI and D2 Communications to encourage the development of the next generation of talented game developers. The first round of the contest was held from May 1 to December 31, 2011, and had more than 600 games submitted.

Winners of each round of the contest will receive the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, while the three grand prize winners will earn an all-expenses-paid trip to the Game Developers Conference and a chance to speak at IGDA Japan.

9leap is proud to be among the biggest HTML5-based smartphone game sites in the world.


■About Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. aims to use the latest iPhone, iPad, smartphone, mobile, PC, and other technology to create a new kind of lifestyle for its customers. With the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry’s Information-technology Promotion Agency Unexplored Software Creation Project’s high-speed technology at its base, UEI creates new tools to enhance all aspects of human life. From “iAvatar” and other early i-mode games, to the smartphone and social game release “Kessen! Sengoku VS Sangokushi,” it boasts numerous examples of successful game development. It has further honed its unique sensibilities in creations such as an ATM locator for Mizuho Bank, the Zeptopad FOLIO stationery app for dual screen Android tablets, and the HTML5 game development enchant.js.


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