UEI and D2C Announce Round 2 of 9leap, Original Smartphone Game Creation Contest for Young Programmers

Press Release

April 23, 2012

Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.

D2 Communications Inc.


UEI and D2C Announce Round 2 of 9leap, Original Smartphone Game Creation Contest for Young Programmers


On May 1, UEI (Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc., Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo; Ryo Shimizu, CEO) and D2 Communications (Minato Word, Tokyo; Takayuki Hoshuyama, President) will begin accepting submissions to the second edition of 9leap, the contest for aspiring game programmers.

This marks the second year the 9leap contest will be held. In 2011, the first edition of the contest received more than 600 game submissions, making it one of the world’s premiere game development contests.

In this year’ edition of “9leap,” original JavaScript-based smartphone games based on suggested themes will be accepted between May and December, with the best games earning prizes. The contest will be divided into two halves, with the first held between May 1 and August 31 and the second between September 1 and December 31. The latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models will be given as prizes.

In addition, the three grand prize winners from the entire year will earn a trip to the 2013 Game Developers Conference, the world’s largest event for game developers. They will also be able to present at the International Game Developers Association, Japan chapter.

Contestants may submit as many games as they like. Games will be distributed on the official site where anyone can play them. Japanese students from elementary school through age 25 may submit.

Weekly ASCII and Monthly ASCII are serving as media sponsors, with plans to introduce the contest winners in print.

In February 2013 a special event called “LeapFest” will be held to present the winners with their prizes.

■9leap Contest Information
Entry Period: May 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012 (First Half)
September 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012 (Second Half)

Contest Results: September, 2012 (First Half Results)
January, 2013 (Second Half Results)
January, 2013 (Grand Prize Winners)

What To Submit: Original JavaScript games for smartphones

How To Submit: ZIP upload to official 9leap site

Who Can Submit: Elementary students through students age 25

Who Will Judge: Official 9leap judges

Ryo Shimizu (CEO, Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc., Game Designer)
Takayuki Hoshuyama (President, D2 Communications)
Toshihiro Fukuoka (Editor, Weekly ASCII)
Hiroki Azuma (Thinker, Novelist)
Masanobu Endo (President, Mobile & Game Studio Inc.)
Minazou Enoshima (Editor, Week ASCII)

Prizes: MacBook Pro 15 inch, or MacBook Air 13 inch
(for multiple winners)
GDC 2013 Tour and IGDA Speaker Opportunity
(for three Grand Prize winners)

Sponsors: Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc., D2 Communications

Support: IGDA Japan

Media Sponsor: Weekly ASCII, Monthly ASCII

※ Exact prizes may differ due to changes in model or availability.
※ Please check the official site for information about judges.

■9leap Official Site
Submissions are being accepted at the official site. (submissions from last year can also be played)

■9leap: What’s In a Name?
9 is the largest single digit number. It is right on the edge of increase, just 1 away from a major expansion. What better way to express young, still undiscovered talent? Our goal is to take that “9” and polish it until it reaches its full potential. “leap” is an acronym for “Leaders Education Achievement Program,” while also standing for the concept of a “jump” to the next level.

■About Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. aims to use the latest iPhone, iPad, smartphone, mobile, PC, and other technology to create a new kind of lifestyle for its customers. With the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry’s Information-technology Promotion Agency Unexplored Software Creation Project’s high-speed technology at its base, UEI creates new tools to enhance all aspects of human life. From “iAvatar” and other early i-mode games, to the smartphone and social game release “Kessen! Sengoku VS Sangokushi,” it boasts numerous examples of successful game development. It has further honed its unique sensibilities in creations such as an ATM locator for Mizuho Bank, the Zeptopad FOLIO stationery app for dual screen Android tablets, and the HTML5 game development enchant.js.

■About D2 Communications
D2 Communications was established by NTT Docomo, Dentsu, and NTT Advertising Inc. on June 1, 2000, and is the world’s first mobile advertising/marketing company. It develops and supports all varieties of marketing, including mobile media and media representation, mobile business marketing support, and development of new mobile marking technology. In addition, it has recently been involved in contents and app development for consumers and overseas expansion projects.

It has also created the Mobile Ad Awards, the world’s first award for mobilizing advertising, issues the mobile marketing newspaper “DIGITAL & DIRECT NEWS,” as well as managing the Japan Internet Advertising Association and similar associations to raise awareness of mobile marketing.

■For more information
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