UEI’s HTML5 Game Engine, enchant.js, Supported by Nintendo Web Framework

Ubiquitous Entertainment, Inc. (UEI) announced today support of their HTML5 game engine, enchant.js, by Nintendo as part of the Nintendo Web Framework. The Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment for authoring software for the Wii U with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Currently, enchant.js is widely and globally used as a game development engine for the HTML5/JavaScript environment, and a version of the engine, “enchant.js for the Nintendo Web Framework,” has been customized for optimum performance on the Wii U platform.
Additionally, UEI is developing a shooting game, known as Glandarius WingStrike for Wii U (tentative name), using enchant.js for the Nintendo Web Framework.

Framework Details
Name: enchant.js for the Nintendo Web Framework
Description: a plugin for enchant.js, adding support for the Wii U

Note: enchant.js for the Nintendo Web Framework will be provided to developers who have signed a developer contract with Nintendo.

About enchant.js
Developed on April 17th, 2011 by UEI, enchant.js is an open-source HTML5-compliant game engine. Supported by PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, it is a cross-platform engine licensed under the MIT license. Downloads of the engine include an image and sound library for use in games. Although the engine was originally developed for the open-source game-sharing site 9leap (, the engine has since been used world-wide to develop HTML5-compliant games on a variety of sites.


About Ubiquitous Entertainment, Inc.

Founded under a guiding principle of engineering an ever-evolving, innovative lifestyle, Ubiquitous Entertainment, Inc. is an enterprise that develops applications for mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and PC that streamline everyday life.

Designated as a “creator of unprecedented software” by the Information Technology Promotion Agency (administered by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), UEI has crafted numerous wide-reaching, technology-based lifestyle services. From “i-Avatar” at the dawning of the i-Mode phone platform in the early 2000s to “Kessen! Sengoku vs. Sangokushi,” a social game for smartphones, UEI has consistently been at the forefront of mobile site and game development.

Other creations include the augmented reality-enabled “ATM/Tempo-kaisaku” for finding Mizuho bank’s ATMs, the Android-based digital paper app, “Zeptopad FOLIO,” which was the world’s first digital paper application allowing two Android devices to simultaneously edit a document, and “enchant.js,” the HTML5 game development engine. UEI continues it’s cutting edge and unique development with the “enchantMOON,” an independently-developed tablet based on enchant.js.


About the Nintendo Web Framework
The Nintendo Web Framework was announced by Nintendo in March, 2003 at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco, and is a new development environment for the Wii U. Based on WebKit, it supports the development of software for the Wii U using HTML5 and JavaScript, and is specifically designed to not only be used by mainstream developers, but by a wide range of individuals, including indie game and web developers.

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